MASTER Gravity

MASTER Gravity

With his damped gravity-driven tip-up seat base, Master Gravity minimises maintenance costs and ensures extremely quiet operation.

Compatible with restrictive spaces, his compact design allows to fit more seating positions in a given space.

With Master Gravity, comfort and lifespan are improved, thanks to a higher, double-curved backrest and a silent movement.

With new production processes and thanks to the use of molded foam, today Master Industrie goes ahead in offering high-quality seating solutions, with numerous assets, at competitive pricing.



Use: Chair with hinged seat folding down forwards on stand (Rear mounted)/Mounted on moveable beam / Attached to the floor.

Operation: Manual.

Attachment System: On stand (2 self-tapping screws on the structure + 4 hinge screws on the floor).
On the floor (mechanical anchors and screws suitable for the surface).

Seat Folding Mechanism: Automatic (gas-assisted).

The MASTER Elégance chair complies with article AM18 with regard to the fire safety of upholstered chairs.

Metal Frame

Tubular frame made using robot-assisted mechanical welding from laser-cut parts and machined pins for greater precision and an improved finish.

Protective Coating: Thermosetting paint. Standard colour: Black (RAL 9005).
Other colours available, upon request.

Backrest / Seat

Metal structures built into the backrest and seat, and hinged on the chair's metal frame.

Wood frame made of beech plywood, 15mm thick, shaped over the entire width.Upon request.

Comfortable, high-resilience cut polyurethane foam, density 42 kg/m3, glued to the wood frame.

Removable fabric cover with zip. Double-stitched cover on the front of the backrest and the upper side of the seat cushion, for an elegant finish.

Optional double-stitched cover on the front of the backrest and the upper side of the seat cushion, for an elegant finish.

Foam-backed fabric, 6 mm thick.


Laser-cut and robot-assembled hinged metal frame.

Automatic lifting (gas-assisted).

Stained, varnished solid wood armrest.


Choice of fabrics.

Wooden casing behind the backrest and under the seat.