Vertically operated modular podium system making it possible to switch from a flat surface to tiered seating for shows with auditorium chairs.

The modular podiums are composed of top-of-the-range, high-performance platforms with 3 main elements:

  • Lift platform mounted on a high-performance tried and tested system fitted with scissor-style gas-assisted lifting equipment.
  • Mechanically-welded compartments housing the fully automatic seating and hatch system. Each compartment can contain up to 8 chairs in single-row configuration or 16 chairs in double-row configuration. Several compartments placed next to each other make up a complete grandstand. The hatch closing the compartments is made of solid wood parquet mounted on plywood.
  • Auditorium seats back-mounted on the tiered seating automatically fold down into the compartment Several types of chairs can be used for the MASTER Lift System.

The MASTER Lift FDG solution developed by MASTER Industrie has the following advantages:

  • The precision manufacturing of this type of platform ensures performance is smooth and jolt-free, and the floor areas of the various assemblies fit flush.
  • The time to set up the system is very short: operation of this type of tiered seating is fully automatic by remote control without any manual assistance necessary.
  • Significant space saving, as all the compartments are hidden away under the floor. The MASTER Lift system can be installed in the centre of the hall without any need for guide rails or supports on the walls.
  • The upper hatch of the compartment is in a single piece, thus providing a flush floor with an excellent finish.
  • Lower cost than the systems currently available thanks to the optimised design of the MASTER LIFT FDG.
  • Only 1.20 m depth of underfloor space required.

A deeper compartment under the floor is possible as an option, allowing tables and chairs to be stored in the system for different show configurations.