Standards and Warranty

CE Marking

To meet the European Construction Product Regulations, applicable in all European countries, the CE marking of retractable stands is now mandatory. To affix a CE plate to their stands, the manufacturer must meet the EN 1090-1 standard and have been certified by an authorised organisation.

MASTER Industrie was certified under the number 1166 - CPR - 0179. The authorised organisation is the CTICM.

CE Certification
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  • NF EN 13200: Installations for spectators:
  • NF EN 13200-1: Characteristics for spectator viewing areas
  • NF EN 13200-3 requirements: Separating elements
  • NF EN 13200-4: Seats
  • NF EN 13200-5 Product characteristics: Telescopic seating systems
  • NF P01-012: Dimensions of railings - Safety rules concerning the dimensions of railings and hand rails on stairs
  • NF EN 1991: Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures
  • NF EN 1993: Eurocode 3 - Design of steel structures
  • NF EN 287-1: Welder qualification Fusion welding
  • NF EN 15614: Description and qualification of a welding operating procedure
  • Steel Paint: Polyester powder by specialised, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified company
  • Our welders are suitably qualified and supervised by a welding coordinator as required by the NF EN 1090-2 * standard


MASTER Industrie equipment is guaranteed for:

  • 1 year against manufacturing faults (parts and labour) related to the operation of the seating.
  • 1 year for the electrical equipment and seats.
  • 5 years for the metal structure of the stands.

The following are excluded from our warranty: damage to the seating due to mishandling, non-compliance with the instructions for use and damage caused by the public in the stands.

Our warranty is terminated if an outside company carries out any operations on our equipment for the purpose of modification, repair or maintenance without explicit written agreement from our company.

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