Venue Seating

Venue Seating

Seating Systems For Your Venue

Our seating systems are designed to help you make the most of your venue space. They are easy to use, and quick to put up and take down, increasing the flexibility of your space and letting you use your venue as often as possible.

We have installed flexible seating worldwide in sports stadia and school sports halls, large and small theaters and cultural centers, music and concert venues and university and college lecture theaters. Our examples page provides more details.

Seating Systems Engineered To Maximise Your Venue Space

We believe that we have anticipated every situation for which seating is required in order to meet the needs of every type of venue. For example, our mobile bleacher seating is designed in numerous sizes and forms to fit all venue dimensions or configurations. We offer movable or fixed bleacher stands, with retractable chairs allowing the bleachers to be configured according to the type of event or audience requirements.

Style And Comfort

You can choose your seats to match your design, colour scheme and style. Wooden, plastic or fabric, artificial or even pure leather chairs, mobile or fixed stands, we offer tailored seating systems to meet every client's needs and imagination and we will help you choose the option that best suits your venue. Above all, we want your audience to feel comfortable and at ease.

Seat With A View

We design our products to enhance visibility. If you have a low ceiling, we would recommend double-row retractable bleacher platforms. We also provide curved bleacher seating platforms that allow each spectator to have the best possible view of the stage.

Maximise Seating Space