Seating Construction

The structure of MASTER Industrie retractable bleachers is made to last. The seating consists of nesting elements and retracts into a small space, ideal for easy storage. When unfolded, it give the impression that spectators sitting on the comfortable bleachers are on a fixed stand.

The platforms supporting the decking, risers and bleachers, the understructure, bearings and other components of the frame are designed, manufactured and inspected with the greatest care in our factory in La Verrie, France.

Each tiered seating structure is studied and designed by our team of engineers to meet all the requirements of your project.

Thanks to a system of strategically placed rollers, your MASTER Industrie retractable bleachers do not require any adjustment to operate correctly, even after years of service. By opting for a MASTER Industrie seating system you are choosing longevity, peace-of-mind and safety.

Our wheels have polyurethane tyres and are fitted with dust-proof ball bearings, ensuring movement is smooth during the different manoeuvres you may need to perform with your seating, and guaranteeing it operates perfectly for many years. We also offer a load distribution wheel system to prevent any potential denting of your floors.

The guiding and locking systems ensure the seating unfolds safely and smoothly.

If the quality of the ground requires it, an optional automatic device allows the rear wheels to be retracted when the grandstand is open with spectators seated on it, allowing the pressure to be better distributed over the ground surface.


The welded assembly of MASTER Industrie telescopic bleachers ensures your seating system will last for many years and come complete with a full warranty. In fact, structures built by us over 30 years ago continue to operate perfectly.

Our welders are all qualified and supervised by a welding coordinator as required by the NF EN 1090-2 standard.

By opting for a MASTER Industrie telescopic seating system, you can rest easy knowing that your spectators and the operators handling the system are completely safe.

A MASTER Industrie stand is a long-term investment that is constructed using state-of-the-art practices.

Seating Construction