This chair is the only one in the MASTER Industrie range to have been designed solely for fixed use. This is a really top-of-the-range chair. Its innovative concept and integrated hinges give it a very sleek look and it can be finished in many different ways.

The system used to lift the seat is fully integrated, making it a very attractive model. The gas-assisted movement and its sleek appearance make this chair unique on the market.

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Use: Attached to the floor.

Attachment System: On the floor (mechanical anchors and screws suitable for the surface).

Seat Folding Mechanism: Automatic (gas-assisted).

TER Orator chair complies with article AM18 with regard to the fire safety of upholstered chairs.

Metal Frame

Tubular frame made using robot-assisted mechanical welding from laser-cut parts and machined pins for greater precision and an improved finish.

Protective Coating: Thermosetting paint.

The frame is completely integrated and invisible.

Backrest / Seat

Metal sleeves built into the backrest and seat, attached to the chair's metal frame.

Wood frame made of beech plywood, 13mm thick, shaped over the entire width.

Comfortable, high-resilience polyurethane foam cut to shape, density 35 to 45 kg/m3, glued to the wood frame.

Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort.

Removable fabric cover with zip.

Double-stitched cover on the front of the backrest and the upper side of the seat cushion, for an elegant finish.

Foam-backed fabric, 6 mm thick.


Laser-cut and robot-assembled hinged metal frame.

Fixed armrests.

Armrest pad made of upholstered foam or stained and varnished wood.


Choice of fabrics.

Wooden casing behind the backrest and under the seat.

Painted sheet metal casing behind backrest.

Deluxe armrest.