Plastic Seats

Plastic Seats

When our telescopic tiered seating is installed in a sporting environment, it is fitted with plastic seats. These moulded plastic seats are comfortable, robust and always clean, allowing a better level of comfort than bleachers without seats while meeting budget constraints.

MASTER Industrie offers different shapes and colours for seats that are designed to avoid rainwater pooling in them to ensure spectators always have a dry seat to sit on.

The height of the seat back allows your retractable bleachers to be closed without having to fold down the seats.

We also offer a full range of VIP and VVIP chairs to match our plastic seats to accommodate important spectators appropriately.

We also install a range of fixed plastic chairs with folding seats to equip stadiums and other arenas.  We offer a mixture of colours to better blend into the environment.

The compliance of these chairs with the standards of international bodies (FIFA, UEFA, etc.) means major international competitions can be hosted with complete peace of mind.

The galvanised structure and lifting of the seats by counterweight ensures your facilities will enjoy a long service life.

The seat base and back rest offer your spectators a good level of comfort.

Your VIP and VVIP spectators will also be taken care of thanks to our high-end seats with armrests and luxurious finishes and other options such as TV tablets.

Plastic Seats