Bench Seats

Fitting your MASTER Industrie telescopic seating system with bench seats is an excellent way to limit costs without compromising spectators' comfort.

Because bench seats are nose mounted you can have two rows on the last tier, saving one row to give you more seats in the same amount of space. You also reduce the size of the stand structure required, saving money too. 

Bench seats are particularly well suited for audiences of varying sizes because there are no individual seats. They are ideal for venues which accommodate children, such as schools halls. gymnasiums and public spaces, as you can fit a larger number of kids on a bench, where they can sit close together, than you can on a structure with separate seats. Benches are also useful for larger spectators who may find squeezing into standard seats with armrests uncomfortable.

We offer many variations and options to best meet your needs, ranging from the simple wood bench seat with no backrest to upholstered fabric bench seats with armrests.

You have the choice of an automatic or manual folding system for the backrests, and you can opt for individual backrests or a shared backrest for two or three seats.